Weekend in Copenhagen

busker copenhagen nyhavnI recently spent the weekend in Copenhagen with two of my friends. Once again, this was a cheap city break, which was easy with a tiny bit of planning.

I found a return from Edinburgh, (using Skyscanner as always!) I then had a browse through hostelworld to see what deals I could find. We decided to choose the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, which wasn’t the cheapest hostel available, but the reviews were fantastic and we were only spending 2 nights there, so we wanted to find somewhere fun! This turned out to be a good decision as the drinks were relatively cheap and the hostel had a large social area so we met lots of other travellers. The hostel also puts on a free dinner every night and there are cooking facilities, which means you can save yourself a bit of cash if you need to.

Day 1 – Friday

On the first day we arrived about 4.30pm and we got the metro from the airport to Norreport Station, which was pretty straightforward and it was about a 1km walk from there. We dumped our bags and had a wander around the nearby area. We were absolutely starving by this point and found ourselves opting for a nearby restaurant, Bronx Burger Bar. There were a variety of burgers and the prices were very reasonable. I ended up going for the chicken nachos, an absolute guilty pleasure. They were humongous and absolutely lathered with chicken cheese, jalepenos and came with dips!


We then retreated back to the hostel bar in time for happy hour (from 8-9pm it was 50 DKK for a litre of beer or two ciders). We were in good spirits and met a group of other travellers and went out to Rust Club, which we got free entry to and ended back in bed at around 5am.


Day 2 – Saturday

We got up and showered and feeling very hungover, ordered some humongous sandwiches from the bar in the hostel. We then rented bikes and cycled around the city. This is totally recommended if you are visiting Copenhagen. It is very flat and it was safe and easy for us to get about due to the cycles lanes all over the city, I think we managed to see so much more of the city than we would have done walking. Most importantly, the fresh air and exercise helped get rid of our hangovers!

We cycled down to Nyhavn, which is one of the main attractions in Copenhagen. Nyhavn is a boardwalk along the canal, which is lined by colourful buildings and lots of places to eat and drink outside, with the odd busker providing a bit of an atmosphere.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Travel

We spent a couple of hours in Nyhavn, having a wander around and watching the world go  by. It was a beautiful day and the place was packed with people having a drink in the sun!

We went back to the hostel for a nap and then we cycled over to Paper Island to visit the street food festival. This is a huge converted barn with so many pop up restaurants and so many types of food; from Chinese, to Middle Eastern and Brazilian. I opted for a butter chicken curry from the Indian stall, which turned out to be a sound choice and it came with rice, naan and different sauces.

Street Food @ Paper Island, Copenhagen

There was a DJ playing and different stalls selling beers and cocktails. The atmosphere was buzzing and it was a really fun place to be on a Saturday night. There were benches and seating scattered around the hall and it was cool just to walk around and take it all in.

We went back to Downtown Hostel for the night with a group of people that we met and stayed up late again drinking, dancing and chatting.

Day 2

We had a wander around the city en route to Christania, which is the free-state within the city of Copenhagen. I found it really interesting and would highly recommend having a walk around if you are in the city.

The area is a bit of a hippy town, with no rules and a different way of living from the rest of Copenhagen. It is a bit of a bizarre set up as weed is available to buy in the street and about 30 different stalls line the main street. However, the selling and buying of weed is tolerated rather than legalised, so the vendors are cover their identities by wearing balaclavas. Photographs are not allowed either. We had a walk through the residential area and then the main street and also visited a quirky little museum which included lots of paintings and explained a bit about the history of Christiana.

There is a nice seated area outside with little food stalls selling falafel and other vegetarian food. As much as you see a lot of the culture from the locals in the area, it is clearly a hotspot for tourists. However, as I said if you are in Copenhagen it’s definitely worth spending a couple of hours having a wander around.

Christiana,  Copenhagen

To summarize, I had a great time in Copenhagen and would definitely recommend visiting. The nightlife is lively, the people are friendly and it’s a trendy place to be. It isn’t the cheapest place to visit, however with a bit of research you can do it cheaply and still have a great time!










4 thoughts on “Weekend in Copenhagen

  1. Love this! I’ve never been to Copenhagen (which is silly because I live in Germany!) and I’ve always wanted to go. I love that you cycled around because I think that’s one of the best (and cost effective) ways to see a city. It looks like you had so much fun and when I finally get myself to Copenhagen I’ll be coming back here to see what you did and adding it to my list! I like the sound of that hostel too so I’ll be sure to make a note of it.


  2. From what I know Copenhagen is pretty expensive but hearing things like the free dinner makes me think there’s always room to save some money even here. I would so love to go cycling in Copenhagen and see the city while taking in that fresh air! I wasn’t expecting you to get drunk as I’m thinking that could mess up your schedule especially since you were there for only a weekend. I wouldn’t try this for sure but I’m glad it worked out well for you.


  3. Copenhagen is so pretty! I love the architecture there. I think when it comes to traveling in Europe, staying at a hostel seems to be the best way to make international friends as well as keep the budget down. I’ve been to several places around Europe, and I always think the different vibes from country to country is amazing. I’d love to go to Copenhagen, as well as some of the Scandinavian countries further up North.


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