10 countries, 10 cuisines

I am a bit of a foodie and one of my favourite things about travelling is trying out the native cuisine. I find it to be the best way to ‘live like a local’ and embrace the whole experience. I’ve also found that eating the local cuisine, particularly street food, can save an absolute fortune…as well as the fact it is almost always much better quality than typical western food is abroad.


Here are ten countries I have visited, along with some samples of the cuisine there!

1. India

I think a bit of background is needed here…I spent 5 weeks in India and ate solely Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner the entire time I was there and I did not get sick of it! The food is in a league of its own and is much more diverse than I could have imagined. It is even better than the Indian food that we get here in the UK. I returned home with a new found love of vegetarian dishes, such as Tarka Daal (lentil based) and Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potatoes). Indians were always impressed at my love of spicy food, as they explained most westerners could not handle it!

2. Peru

Peru is a less obvious choice as it is not as famous for its cuisine. I have no idea why because I was pleasantly surprised by the Peruvian food and I can see it becoming quite popular in the UK in the next couple of years. It revolved around grilled meat, quinoa, avocado, sweet potatoes, seafood and hearty soups. My favourite food in Peru was the Causa (central image) which is a sweet potato cake filled with prawn mayonnaise and topped with avocado and tabasco.


3. Malaysia

Malaysia combines Chinese and Indian cuisine due to its cultural heritage and the presence of both these groups in its society. The first image is some typical Chinese food (chicken chow mein, chicken satay and egg fried rice) and was taken in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur. The second is prawn fried rice served in a pineapple boat at Reggae Mansion, which is a chain of hostels in Malaysia.


4. Italy

A very obvious choice, but a top performer nonetheless. I think I came back a stone heavier after my 5 days in Rome! The food was absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed visiting restaurants which maybe didn’t look like anything special on the outside, to be blown away by some of the dishes I was served. On the left we have my favourite pizza; Salami and Chillies and on the right is Seafood Linguini. Both of these meals were from little restaraunts we stumbled upon in Trastevere.


5. Singapore


I only spent one day in Singapore, which is known for being one of the most expensive countries in the world. It was at the end of a big trip around South East Asia and I was a bit nervous about visiting due to my lack of cash! Naturally, I did a bit of research, where I read about Singapore’s traditional hawker centres. This is an indoor streetfood area which includes stalls from all over the world. I chose an Indian stall, which came with rice, naan, three types of curry and an additional chutney sauce. It was delish and I didn’t need any more food for the rest of the day!

6. Morocco

Morocco is another place where I was pleasantly surprised by the cuisine. It includes many Tagines (clay pot dishes) and lots of tomato based dishes with chickpeas and beans.  Above left is 5 different tagines and above right is some street food in the Jemaa Al Fna Square (chicken and vegetable kebabs, sausages, olives and fresh bread). It was all cooked in front of us and we sat at tables in the square and enjoyed it and we paid about 5 GBP each for it, including a drink


7. Vietnam

Vietnamese food is pretty similar to Thai, with lots of noodle-based dishes. The most famous Vietnamese dish is probably Pho (a sort of noodle soup) which I have to say I’m not a fan of. I did enjoy some interesting meals there though, similarly to India, the street food and small family restaurants are worth trying. The first picture was taken at a little street food stall in Hanoi and the second in a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh.


8. Brazil

One thing about the food in Brazil is the ridiculosly massive portions! My boyfriend and I chose to share a portion of grilled chicken which must have been about a kilo! It came with chips, rice and feijao (Brazillian beans, which are delicious!).

We also visited a Churrascaria, which is a famous type restaurant in Brazil. The waiters parade around different types of meat and you choose whether you want them to cut some onto your plate. The meat is unlimited, as is the massive salad bar and range of desserts.


9. Ecuador


We visited a small, hippy beach town called Montanita,which had a row of about 20 stalls selling food and cocktails. Highlights of the menus were omelettes, smoothies, granola fruit and yoghurt. Above left, I picked up chilli con carne with nachos, which is an absolute guilty pleasure. Top right is my breakfast at our hostel in Banios, which was great value for money and set me up for a really active day. Bottom right is a #mojitoinquito at Azuca Beach, Quito.


10. USA


Last but not least…I’d be crazy to exclude America from this list!

Pizza, nachos, burgers the size of your head: the junk food capital of the world!

That said, my absolute favourite thing to eat was smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels from the deli right next to our apartment in Williamsburg.


We also visited Smoresburg which is an outdoor food festival that runs over the weekend in Brooklyn, New York. It is a must do if you are visiting in the summer. It had great views of Manhattan and the usual culprits as well as more obscure choices, such as lobster rolls and Costa Rican food.



7 thoughts on “10 countries, 10 cuisines

  1. This is a fabulous selection. Indian food is my favorite cuisine of all time so it’s totally a dream to go and have some authentic Indian food. I couldn’t agree more though about Moroccan and Malaysian food. When I was in Marrakech and Kuala Lumpur the food was absolutely amazing and I wish there was more time in a day simply so I could eat more of it! I was just in Singapore for the second time this past weekend and your food looks almost exactly the same as something I got from a hawker place! Who knows, maybe it was the same 🙂


  2. I also wonder why Indian food is so much better when eaten in India. I was there last year and boy was I amazed at the differences in taste! In the UK the Indian food I had was ok and some quite good but when in India it was like it was 10 times better! Why can’t we get this in the UK as well? I guess there are many spices missing but why can’t we import them or something?


  3. Great selection! I love Indian food, but recently visited Sri Lanka, and the food there is absolutely amazing – definitely worth a try. I also agree, the US has a lot of good food choices, and it varies throughout the country. I’m a vegetarian so obviously my food choices will differ a bit more to others – I’m also a foodie, so found this post very interesting.


  4. I just started to explore different food cuisine. Some of the cultures fascinates me by their portions. One country will give massive amounts of food, whereas another may believe in tiny. Needless to say, some of the pictures on this page mademade my mouth water. 🙂


  5. Traveling and food? Whats not to love about this post! haha Everything looks so delicious! You’re right, Peru isn’t really known for its food but I think out of all the images I was most drawn to that one!


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