A picture tells a thousand words: my 10 favourite travel pictures and why

Take a photo tour through my favourite pictures from around the globe and enjoy the magical stories behind them!

1. Delhi, India


I absolutely adore this photo, simply because the memory is beautiful. This was taken in Delhi on the last day of my India trip. My friend Raman had kindly offered to show me around the city and we were parking up outside of a café to go to a market across the road. These two street-children approached him and asked for some change for food. Without saying a word, he opened the cafe door and indicated that the children followed him. He asked me to sit down with the children and I sat chatting to them, whilst getting some annoyed looks from the staff. Raman returned with a big slab of chocolate cake for the children and we just sat there while they enjoyed it. The children were absolutely delighted and could not have been more grateful.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru


I can confirm that Machu Picchu absolutely lives up to the hype. This picture captures the fantastic experience that I had here. I consider myself to be pretty fit, however the hike from Aguias Calientes town to Machu Picchu is the hardest physical endurance test I have ever done (the climb was extremely steep and is at high altitude). It was a great feeling to finally get to the top. We were so lucky to go on a beautiful day where the sun was shining all day long.


3. Halong Bay, Vietnam


Halong Bay is somewhere that backpackers will spend hours debating over. My opinion is that, while it is completely overcrowded, in its natural state it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. We spent two nights on a Party Cruise at Halong Bay, where we met an amazing group of people from around the world. This photo was taken as the sun went down and day turned to night, before the drinking began!

4. Da Lat, Vietnam


I chose this one, simply because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. It turns out that rainy season in South East Asia is not to be taken lightly! This picture was taken in Da Lat, Vietnam, where we stopped off briefly on our way to Ho Chi Minh. We went for a nap after a busy day and when we came down to go for dinner, it was torrential rain. The hostel didn’t serve food and Da Lat is a pretty remote town with few restaurants, so we had no choice but to brave it in the height of monsoon season!

5. Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Dos Irmaos, Vidigal, Rio

It was an interesting journey to this beautiful view point in Rio, which overlooks Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Maracana Stadium. Firstly, we took a motorbike taxi through the steep and dangerous Vidigal favella to get to the entrance to Dos Irmaos. This was followed by the hour long hike itself (in 30 degree heat). It was most certainly worth it, the views were absolutely beautiful and I could have stayed there all day…if only we had taken some snacks!


6. Bangalore, India


This is Susie, Samuel, and I on the last night I spent with my Indian family in Bangalore on our way out for a lovely traditional Indian meal. On the way to the restaurant, Samuel insisted that I get on the back of the bike with him and Susie, so that my Sari stayed in one piece! He could not understand why I found this so funny, it was a completely normal to pile lots of people onto a motorbike in India. I was bloody terrified!


7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

malaysia kuala lumpur

This photo, believe it or not, was taken on the top of a Heli Pad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We were lucky to witness the most fantastic sunset, whilst enjoying a few drinks. The Heli Lounge Bar provided us with some unspoiled views of the city and is an absolute must do if you happen to be visiting Kuala Lumpur!


8. Bangalore, India (again!)

india cow

Ok, Bangalore gets another mention, but I did spend a month there! Here is a cow crossing the main shopping street in Bangalore, while my friend Euan completely unaware! This is an everyday image of India, this sight is not unusual in the slightest to the local people.


9. Penang, Malaysia


Anyone who knows me will know that this has been my cover photo on Facebook for a long time! This photo was taken in Penang National Park after a long hike in 35 degrees. We made it to this absolutely beautiful beach and we spent the afternoon in the sea, eating barbequed chicken skewers and corn on the cob and drinking fresh coconut water. It was such a happy day and a bit of a relief to do something active and get out of the busy city. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but the beach is stunning in the sun.


10. The Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador


This photograph was taken from my bed in our cabin in the Amazon Rainforest. There were no walls to the cabin, we were right in the middle of nature. I think we were also accompanied by all sorts of interesting creatures! Surprisingly, I slept like a log and had an amazing experience learning about how people do so much with so little.


7 thoughts on “A picture tells a thousand words: my 10 favourite travel pictures and why

  1. Love these photos! Photos really do tell a thousand words and I have ones that have great memories but also paint a great picture of what the place was like as well. Love all of these. I love the one of you at Machu Picchu and Halong Bay! Haylong Bay is definitely the top of my list of things I want to see soon. Also, that last photo, holy crap, it’s stunning. Great selection 🙂


  2. Love all the photos and it’s so nice to see generosity and happiness like in the first picture! It fills my heart with joy and hope for a better world. The picture from Da Lat, Vietnam is very funny :)) but I hope you eventually found something to eat. And in image 6 you could see the horror in your eyes probably thinking how on earth you would hold on! I also can’t understand why they like to pile people on a motorbike like that.


  3. So happy to see loads of places that I’ll be visiting on my current trip. It’s great to know how much other people enjoy things that in eager to do. The stories behind the photographs are awesome too!


  4. Your pictures are stunning. Especially thethe epic view at machu picchu. Just makes me want to travel more than ever.


  5. You’re so lucky to have been to so many beautiful places! The Amazon picture is just breathtaking. It looks so relaxing. And as a recently graduated archaeologist, I’m dying to see all the ruins in Peru. Great images!


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